Autumn 2021

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Tomato salad with watermelon, mozzarella and basil  13,20
Pickled chanterelle mushrooms, pomegranate and Uff cheese from mas Alba  16,00
Marinated mackerel with pickles and mustard  16,50
Glazed aubergine with smoked eel and yoghourt  14,50
Pumpkin soup, poached egg, seasonal mushrooms and butifarra negra (sausage)  18,70
Razor shells in carrot escabèche with cauliflower and lemon (4 u.)  17,20
Brioche with spicy tuna from Balfegó, kale and white romesco sauce  23,00
Iberian ham croquettes (4 u.)  8,90
Omelette with prawns from Palamós  17,70
Hot sandwich with Fermió cheese from La Balda, Iberian ham and truffle  10,90
Wild-caught fish with potato mille-feuille, tomato and olives  s/m
Slender rockfish with herb velouté and carrots  29,00
Brown meagre with marinade, fesols de l’ull ros (bean) hummus and black olives  23,90
Boneless veal cheeks with pig’s trotters, confit mushrooms and smoked potato  20,30
Low-temperature cooked duck breast with pumpkin, rutabaga and black garlic  19,40
Black rice with squid, cockles and pear aioli (bomba from L’Estany de Pals)  24,90
Rice with pork ribs and confit porcini mushrooms (carnaroli from L’Estany de Pals)  23,50

Dessert and wine pairings

Lemon tart  7,90
Llimonelu (liqueur of lemons from the Vicus orchard)  4,90

Cheese cake  7,50
Peret Arché vi bullit (Celler Arché Pagès, Capmany)  5,20

Chocolate in cocotte  8,50
Essència vi bullit (Còsmic Celler, Agullana)  9,50

Apple tarte tatin with vanilla ice cream (15 min)  8,90
Danjou-Banessy Rancio (Danjou-Banessy, Espira de l’Agly)  9,00

Sorbets and ice creams  7,50


Bread and snack  2,90


VAT included


Should you have any food allergies or intolerances, please let us know