Take away


Pickled chanterelle mushrooms, pomegranate and Uff cheese from mas Alba  16,00
Roasted leek with Jerusalem artichokes, smoked eel and black garlic  15,90
Iberian ham croquettes (4 u.)  8,90
Hot sandwich with Fermió cheese from La Balda, Iberian ham and truffle  10,90
Boneless veal cheeks with pig’s trotters, confit mushrooms and smoked potato  20,30
Confit pork ribs with Doskiwis stout and pumpkin gnocchi  21,40
Black rice with squid, cockles and pear aioli (bomba from L’Estany de Pals)  24,90
Rice with pork ribs and confit porcini mushrooms (carnaroli from L’Estany de Pals)  23,50


Lemon tart 7,90
Cheese cake 7,50