Take away


Tomato salad, watermelon and a touch of mint  12,90
Mussels with vermouth  10,40
Mackerel in escabeche with carrot and orange 15,50
Glazed aubergine, smoked eel, yoghourt and black garlic  14,80
Iberian ham croquettes (4 u.)  8,90
Hot sandwich with Fermió cheese from La Balda, Iberian ham and truffle  10,90
Fried gurnard with its own marinade and potato  31,60
Fillet steak tartare (organic beef from Cal Tomàs)  26,50
Boneless organic lamb with beetroot and Uff! cheese ravioli  25,70
Black rice with baby squid and pear aioli (bomba from L’Estany de Pals)  25,90
Rice with pork ribs and confit porcini mushrooms (carnaroli from L’Estany de Pals)  24,00

Lemon tart 8,00
Cheese cake 8,00
Tiramisu 8,50