Autumn 2018

Tapas to share

Marinated sardines with pickles, olives and black garlic 10,90
Razor shells in escabèche and lime (4 u.) 14,80
Tuna loin tartare from Balfegó with avocado and tomato 20,50
Artichokes with vegetables from Hidenori Futami and langoustines 22,50
Fresh cheese cannelloni with walnuts and mushrooms 15,00
Omelette with seasonal mushrooms and sobrassada (cured sausage with paprika) from Xesc Reina 16,70
Croquettes with llonganissa (dry sausage) (4 u.) 7,90
Steamed brioche bun with truffled Fermió cheese and Iberian ham 9,00
Stuffed squid with bacon and ratatouille 12,50
Pig’s trotter carpaccio with prawns from Sant Carles 22,00

Rice from L’Estany de Pals

Our favourite rice, grown right here by the rice master Albert Grassot

Rice with pork ribs and seasonal mushrooms (variety: carnaroli) 22,50
Rice with prawns from Palamós and saffron allioli (variety: bomba) 23,50


Fish from our coast with honey endives, pumpkin and mandarine s/m
Hake with tomato bread, spinach and anchovy cream 20,50
Red mullet suquet (fish stew) with potato and egg yolk 24,00

And mountain

Stewed osso buco with butifarra de perol (sausage) and cauliflower 17,90
Low-temperature cooked duck breast with smoked aubergine and seaweed sauce 17,00
Confit pork ribs with chimichurri sauce and beetroot 18,50


The lemon from our garden 7,50
Our omelette surprise 8,50
Taps (small sponge cake) with rum, chestnuts and chocolate 8,50
Chocolate 8,50
Apple tarte tatin with frozen vanilla custard (15 min) 8,50
Home-made sorbets and ice creams 7,50

Bread and snack 2,50

VAT included

Should you have any food allergies or intolerances, please let us know